Working from home - just a trend or here to stay?

Last March, most companies sent their employees home to work remotely for a few weeks. At that time not many realized just how long it would last. Fast forward to months into the pandemic and it appears many corporate employees will be working remotely for at least the time being, if not indefinitely or even permanently.

Addressing the challenges Like any pivot to new terrain, working from home can bring with it some quandaries. Remote employees might feel isolated and may find collaborating with others challenging. But fortunately, keeping employees happy while they work from home indefinitely may not be out of reach. As millions of office workers remain at home, the likely permanent shift to remote work that has emerged has us asking: What does that mean for the future of at-home workspaces, and how does it change what employees need from their employers?

Remember your employees are used to seeing your logo everywhere... on the signs as they pull into the office, one the front door, at your reception area, on the shirts or jackets of their fellow employees, at their desk on their pens, their coffee mugs and more. Be sure to sponsor their home office too. Don't let the disconnect from the office carry home with them. We can help you outfit their home workspace so they still feel a part of the team.

Outfitting the remote office Gearing up home offices means bringing together a number of tools and tactics to help remote workers not only succeed, but feel satisfied and appreciated. Home office supplies that keep staff organized and productive include items such as:

  • Personalized Post-it Notes

  • Custom whiteboards

  • Branded wall and desk calendars

  • Pocket folders

  • “In a Meeting” door hangers

  • Backdrop banners for Zoom calls

  • Branded Pens and Pencils

  • Hand sanitizers

To bring some calm and comfort into the home office while keeping remote employees safe and working ergonomically means offering adaptable workstations, branded office supplies and safety products like ergonomic mouse pads and keyboards designed to minimize discomfort.

Contact with co-workers can be an essential source of support for some staff members. Companies can show appreciation for their remote workers and make them feel less isolated from their team by offering motivational gifts of gratitude and team-building promo items like:

  • Branded apparel

  • Mugs

  • Tumblers

  • Water Bottles

  • Personalized pens and padfolios

  • Notebooks with personalized covers

  • Work at Home Packs, Gifts or Kits

During a pandemic, it is too easy to reprioritize and overlook employee achievements, work anniversaries and other milestones. Employees need recognition and affirmations now more than ever to stay connected and feel appreciated. Awards, full-color and engraved plaques for recognition, or customized cards that offer congratulations, thanks and appreciation where it is most needed boost morale and anchor loyalty.

In our “Remote & Ready” Booklet, we focus on outfitting the remote workforce to be successful and illustrate what companies can do to show appreciation to their remote workers, and make them feel less isolated from their team.

We’re here for you We can help you outfit your remote workforce, rely on us as your go-to resource for ideas and innovation. IMS Branded Solutions has ample options and ideas. Give one of our Brand Specialists a call today to get started.

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