Top Trends In Corporate Gift-Giving

Check out six of the hottest holiday trends guaranteed to impress.

Before it gets any later in the year, here are seven trends to follow for successful holiday promo gifting, along with a few tips on how to make an impact in the most clever and creative ways. All that’s left to do is sign the card.

TECH Without a doubt, tech is the number-one category corporations are turning to for gifting, Smart home devices are the standouts in this arena, with digital assistants (think Amazon Alexa and Google Home), video doorbells and 360-degree motion-detecting cameras leading the charge.

Mobile tech, like Bluetooth speakers and higher-end earbuds and headphones, along with high-capacity power banks to juice them (as well as every other device you’re carrying around), will also be huge this season. JBL speakers like the Party Box and waterproof Flip 4 have been popular and will remain in demand this coming holiday season. We also predict that AfterShokz headphones will move quickly; they use bone conductor technology so the user gets a crisp audio experience while still being able to hear what’s going on around them.

Why It’s Hot For us, It’s a no brainer: You can’t go wrong with tech. Everybody uses it, everybody has it, and if they don’t have it, they want it. Nobody who gets this kind of gift will just put it in a drawer and forget about it or wonder what they’ll do with it. It’s a home run.

How to Use Creatively We suggest putting a ribbon around a box of really nice earbuds, saying, “I heard a lot of good things about you this year.” Or, include a card with a video doorbell that reads, “I’ve had my eye on you, and you’re doing a great job!” Also consider offering a suite of hot tech products and let the recipients choose the item that most entices them.

RETAIL BRANDS A holiday gift needs to be special enough to make one final impression before the year is out, which is why recognizable high-end brands will always be well received. These items won’t be as cheap as a throw-away pen, but they’re not necessarily cost-prohibitive either.

Why It’s Hot It’s all about the perception that accompanies the product. Retail brands can fit into any activity and passion of the recipient. Take camping, which is on the rise among millennials. Outdoor products, such as a Coleman lantern, are right up their alley.

How to Use Creatively For a gift that will please everyone, We suggest a new pair of sunglasses; you can’t go wrong with a name like Ray-Ban or Oakley. For added cachet, we can help clients set up websites that allow recipients to shop for the style they’d prefer. Plus: You don’t even need to put a logo on a gift like this. It’s something that will never be forgotten. Try putting the logo or some messaging on the case or cleaning cloth.

KITTING Kitting has been around forever. There’s a reason for this, Kitting and other custom packaging options offer a way to enhance the value of a product in the eyes of the recipient. It provides a “total gifting experience”, and it’s a great way to get a bigger bang for your buck. A microfiber cloth for cleaning screens or glasses costs only a dollar, but when it’s placed in a special envelope or case with full-color graphics and tons of messaging, it’s more gift and less giveaway.

How to Use Creatively Add a special touch by including “something interactive” as a delivery means. Maybe a short quiz in which recipients give information on their preferences by answering indirect questions so they, individually, receive a box with product they would actually like without spoiling the surprise of what the gift is.

PERSONALIZATION The best gifts are uniquely customized, so it’s no surprise that personalization has emerged as a significant trend; We’re predicting this will explode in 2020. We like personalized high-end drinkware, such as double-walled stainless-steel travel mugs. No explanation needed. They keep drinks hot or cold. Everyone knows it, and everyone uses them.

Why It’s Hot Personalized items stand out: I don’t care if you’re a college intern or an executive at a Fortune 500 company. It’s one thing to get a gift with a corporate logo on it – it’s another to get one with your name on it.”

How to Use Creatively Personalize and pair items for instant success. We recommend personalizing a high-end pen and putting it with a nice padfolio that has the recipient’s name emblazoned in the corner. We’re a fan of engraved stainless-steel stemless wineglasses for year-end toasts, which we can put in old-school lunchboxes as a creative way to pack and present. It’s another form of customization, which is huge right now and anything personalized or custom-packaged gets you on someone’s radar.

FUN AND GAMES Classic, old-fashioned “fun on the go” is becoming a bigger and bigger thing, we offer collections of hundreds of fully portable indoor and outdoor games. Cornhole Toss is really hot right now, as are activities involving oversized wooden yard dice and giant checkers, Giant Jenga and mat sets.

“Fun on the go” extends to other products as well, we’ve found demand for retro-inspired products like the Polaroid Originals OneStep Camera that takes instant pictures. It evokes a sense of nostalgia, which is going to be top-of-mind this holiday season, Companies celebrating milestones should consider retro-inspired products from the year or decade they were established.

Why It’s Hot In today’s world, “consumers want experiences. Games instantly create an interactive experience with users, and make parties and events more memorable. Fun get-togethers have also been pushed into mainstream media through TV programs like Ellen or The Tonight Show, where host Jimmy Fallon routinely plays games with their celebrity guests.

How to Use Creatively Games can be used as ice breakers, at company picnics or even “in a conference room to add humor to a long day of meetings.” For an event, include instructions with a fun hashtag for the hijinks to be memorialized on social media.

FOOD & DRINK It’s no question that all thoughts turn to food and drink during the holidays, which is why premium food and beverage items will be a hot ticket this year, as in years past. Baskets filled with mouth-watering chocolate, nuts, wine, cheese and a couple of Omaha Steaks, are “never out of style.

Savory and salty offerings are also becoming more popular in the food gifts arena. At a recent gourmet food show we saw many types of beef jerky and even mushroom versions for vegetarians. Meats and cheeses ruled the day, along with gourmet popcorn and pretzels. We source from mom-and-pops around the country because often their quality surpasses that of the big guys.

Of course, sweets still reign. It is our most popular offerings include Fairytale Brownies, dark chocolate-covered pretzels with crushed peppermint, sea salt caramels, Chocolate English Toffee, Chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate-covered marshmallows, birthday cake bites and high-end almonds in a variety of packaging options like boxes, bags, baskets, tins and towers.

Why Should you order your food gifts from IMS Branded Solutions

The best part is we can personalize the packaging so it is coming as a gift from your company or organization. We can manage the deliveries, drop ships and personal messages as well. It adds that personal touch and shows your organization cares enough to send you the best!

Why It’s Hot It’s a staple. “It’s been this way forever and it’s not going away. If Overseas tariffs add to the price of your personalized custom backpacks and jackets, specialty food items and chocolates are definitely going to play a larger role in gifting this year.

How to Use Creatively Depending on the client’s budget, we suggest pairing the food with an imprinted item that lasts after the food is gone. Popular choices include knives, spreaders, dishes, slicer/servers, cutting boards and even garden gnomes.

We’re focused on kitting options. We’ll bundle a piece of high-end apparel with a blanket, Godiva chocolate and drinkware in a soft-touch box.

Contact and IMS Brand Specialist today to get some ideas started for your Holiday Gifting this year!

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