The most affordable promotional items that any company can offer…

Pens are one of the most affordable promotional items that any company can offer. They are used by just about everyone on a daily basis and are the number one marketing tool for many companies. Here are some interesting facts that show how much marketing power these cost-effective items have:

  1. 73% of people have a pen with pen at all times

  2. 79% of people use imprinted pens they get as freebies

But with so many pens to choose from, it is important to choose the right pen for your branding needs. With our Top Ten Metal and Plastic Pens you have a great variety to choose from. They are sleek and provide a smooth writing experience, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. We carry several colors to choose from in each style and ink options as well.


a. Javalina Metallic Stylus… .as low as 64¢ ea

b. Javalina Splash… .as low as 43¢ ea

c. MaxGlide Click Tropical… .as low as 62¢ ea

d. Mateo Stylus… .as low as 85¢ ea

e. Mardis Gras… .as low as 51¢ ea


f. Sonata… .as low as $2.76 ea

g. Aruba… .as low as $1.59 ea

h. Vienna… .as low as $1.66 ea

i. Vienna Stylus… .as low as $1.72 ea

j. Textari Comfort Stylus… .as low as $1.85 ea

We understand you want to put your marketing dollars to good use. Starting with the right pen we can recommend tried and true items that we back up with experience!

Call an IMS Brand Specialist today for more information on putting pens to work for you. 

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