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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Communal Pens are over... 

Pens are the new personal item no one wants to leave home without. And any business that needs customers to sign something should want individual pens to brand their goodbye with an inexpensive memento.  Ask us about individual cello wrapping your pen order.

As many owners, executives, and managers prepare for various phases of reopening their businesses across the country, they want, above all, to do whatever they can to keep employees, families, and customers safe and protected. In an effort to prioritize safety, you may be implementing safe social distancing practices into your facility, creating new plans for disinfecting high-contact touch points, recommending masks, or limiting hours of operation. These are good ideas. Another good idea as sweet and simple as a pen.


What does this mean for your business? As states begin to implement various timelines for reopening, we all need to think about how we do business and in what ways we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19—both among our employees and customers, as well as throughout the general public. We can start by examining the various touchpoints we share with customers and clients in the course of a day.

One of the most common touchpoints, no matter what business, is the office pen. For many businesses, handing over a pen to a customer to sign a check, an invoice, a contract, or complete some other type of document is an action that takes place many times a day. If you could keep a customer from unwittingly transmitting a virus to someone else (whether an employee or a future customer or client) with just one simple change to your business practices, wouldn’t that be a worthwhile change to make? We sure think so and we bet you do as well. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about promoting a #KeepThePen initiative. The action is simple, but the impact could be profound. All you have to do is tell each customer to “Keep the Pen!” They walk away with a new, unused pen that’s branded to your business, and one potentially high-germ point of contact is eliminated.

Trending: Stylus is in style!

Touchscreens are everywhere but have become untouchable. Carrying a stylus pen lets you checkout in ink or with a tap. Explore some of our most popular stylus pens below:

Javalina® Glow Stylus as low as $1.87

Mosaic Metallic Stylus Pen as low as $0.58

Javalina® Steel Stylus Penas low as $0.64

Textari® Spectrum as low as $1.85

If you’re looking for an option with a bigger wow-factor, consider our ad-pens feature four sides for printing full-color logos and images with maximum visibility. They’re like a billboard for your company that your customers can carry in their pocket or bag and easily be reminded of your brand throughout the day. There’s enough space to easily include a logo, tagline, brand name and even a tagline or message to help keep your customer’s spirits high during this complex time. Opt for the version with a stylus and they’ll find themselves thinking of you as they use it to assist at the ATM or grocery store.

Business Card Pen – The ADPEN™ with Stylus

Initiate #KeepThePen at Your Business

If you’d like to create your own #KeepThePen initiative, IMS Branded Solutions has hundreds of pens on sale to fit the needs of your brand. Many can be purchased for a very reasonable cost, and can easily be included in your marketing initiatives.

Call us and we’ll help you choose the right pen to fit your brands needs. We are the pen experts, let us help you learn more about our promotional pens and specific inks. Our pens are the write choice for all of your business and event marketing needs. ASK US HOW TO GET INDIVIDUALLY CELLO WRAPPED PENS IN YOUR NEXT ORDER.

We would love to help you customize any of these promotional products and thousands more. Contact us today to get started! or Click Here to search on your own.

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