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Did you ever wonder what products we like best? We handle these items everyday and gain invaluable feedback from our clients too.

Are you searching for a promo item that comes with a guarantee that you’ll like it?  

Every week this spring IMS will post a Product of the Week entry to highlight an item we’ve noticed has caught recent blaze with our customers or is popular this time of year. We’ve selected a handful of our finest employees who have the most interaction with direct customers to provide you with that valuable information to support any of your time-crunching decision making necessities.

LJ300RTW-Paper-Mate Ink-Joy Retractable Pens.

When you pick up this pen, it is not just how it writes . . . but how the pen makes you feel when you write. Don’t you want to have that pen everyone loves to use? The one they grab for every time, carry with them or keep handy in their pencil cup? This Ink-Joy pen combines the best qualities of a ballpoint and gel pen. it is available in 9 vivid colors, offers incredible smoothness and a fast dry-time to help avoid messy smearing. “It’s the pen I use at my own desk”.

Lastly, pricing is just right for your budget; starting quantity of 250 is $.69. so don’t just order a cheap pen when you can get our InkJoy Retractable! For more information on this item such as higher quantity prices and imprint size, you can visit our website by clicking here or give us a call at (319) 365-7159. Be sure to stay tuned to our IMS Blog as we bring you more Items of the Week. Drop a comment, ask a question, or provide your own recommendation—we’re all ears.

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