Hot Cellphone Accessories for 2016

Here’s 7 of the hottest new cellphone accessories in the promotional product industry.

Cellphones continue to be a huge part of our lives. We’re talking, We’re texting, We’re googling, We’re Snapchatting and Instagramming, Our phones can wake us up in the morning, show us the best route to drive to work, tell us when its time for our 3 p.m. meeting and track our physical activity.

Can you imagine life without you cellphone? About 91% of adults have a cellphone and 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center. We’re all pretty connected so why not use the latest cellphone gadgets in your marketing efforts to help them become even more connected.


Impressive features: High quality wide angle and macro lenses, and shiny metallic polish finish available in 6 different colors. The wide angle lens really comes in handy for great selfies!

Why this will be a hit in 2016: Everyone takes pictures with their devices. The quality, workmanship and functionality of the Portrait will insure your logo will be seen again and again.


Impressive features: A universal mounting bracket, an expandable cellphone mount and rotating design for vertical, horizontal or angled viewing.

Why this will be a hit in 2016: It compels the safe and legal use of smartphones in automobiles. It empowers the use of smartphone GPS applications on the road, applications that are often far more advanced and updated than the vehicle’s factory installed unit. It becomes part of a daily routine, making for daily branding impressions.

Impressive features: Redirects audio back to the listener, doubles as a phone stand and amplifier, and available in 9 colors.

Why this will be a hit in 2016: It has a unique shape and can be used as just a phone stand or as both a stand and an amplifier. It also has 3 imprint areas for maximum brand exposure or multiple


Impressive features: Full color/full wrap imprint, and eversmooth hybrid, smooth writing ink.

Why this will be a hit in 2016: This stylus pens has a contemporary style where you can recreate advertising, coupons, product photography or extended copy.

Impressive features: Unique and patented, exclusive design. Multifunctional, doubles as a wallet and can be used with our without a lanyard, accommodates most cell phones.

Why this will be a hit in 2016: The unique creative design stands out among other cellphone pockets in the industry. It’s great for keeping your phone, license, credit cards and business cards safe and secure when you want to be hands free.


Why this will be a hit in 2016: Almost 25% of all employees are either field-based or mobile workers, which means they often need power on the go; the higher capacity of the Duo means that is can charge both a tablet and a phone simultaneously, a huge productivity saver. Mophie is the world’s best selling power bank brand with an industry-leading reputation for quality and safety.

Impressive features: Available in Apple MFi certified Lightning-to-USB and micro-to-USB styles.

Why this will be a hit in 2016: The Toddy cable is the only cable in the market where you can decorate the 6mm wide cable with your brand colors and logo and add you logo to the USB connector too. Because of its thickness it’s also one of the most durable cables on the market.

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