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Employees need options. From office workers to on-the-road delivery services, every company wants their team to be comfortable, functional and professional-looking.

The weather or working environment may change every season (or, in some cases, every day), so it’s important to have a flexible array of work wear available that can help give any team a cohesive look that conveys the positive aspects of a company’s identity.                              

In today’s increasingly-stylish professional world, super-simple work wardrobes have gone the way of flip phones and tube TVs: you can find them if you look hard enough, but they certainly aren’t what most people are clamoring for. They want to get creative and find those magical combinations of apparel that create the perfect look, feel and comfort level. These days, it’s all about layering.

Want a sporty look? Try pairing a V-neck with a jacket for that ready-for-action effect. Looking for something a bit more on the business side? Take it on the road by topping off a handsome woven and tie with a trendy jacket, complete with a company logo. Prefer to be progressively preppy? How about a polo topped with a stylish sweater? The possibilities are endless. In fact, here are just a few suggestions, Look at the image above for combination inspiration, and see below for the individual styles that were used.

1. UltraClub Expandable Briefcase U1011

2. UltraClub Adult Adventure All-Weather Jacket 8921

3. UltraClub 1/4 Zip Pullover 8230

4. UltraClub Cotton Twill Hat 8120

5. UltraClub Twill Woven 8976

6. UltraClub Soft Shell Jacket 8477

7. UltraClub Tote 8811

Here’s the best part: creating the perfect outfit for any uniform or team doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you are coming up with ideas for your own team or looking to pitch a program or package to a customer, brands like UltraClub offer plenty of budget-friendly styles that are perfect for pairing. With so many styles, colors and price points available, options are only limited by your imagination. Create an outfit that is the perfect “fit” and get that team in gear!

(By the way, if you’d like to truly “Get the Look” of our hottest uniform options, check out this fantastic Pinterest board.)

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