Antimicrobial Products - Great for Cold and Flu Season...

BIC Clic Stic Antimicrobial Pen

This top-selling pen is available with PrevaGuard – an antimicrobial additive that helps suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, molds, and mildew on the pen.

Only $.67 ea. | Minimum Order is only 300 pcs.

BIC Round Stic Antimicrobial Pen

Antimicrobial writing instruments are responsible products designed to help mitigate the spread of bacteria for essential industries including, but not limited to: Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Grocery Stores, Finance, Social Services, Insurance, Government, and Business Services.

Only $.52 ea. | Min. Order is only 500 pcs.

Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

The antimicrobial preservative incorporated into the surface of this mouse pad suppresses the growth of  bacteria, fungi and house dust mites to keep your desk area cleaner. The protected polyester material withstands daily wear and tear while displaying brand messages in vivid 4-color process imprint.

Only $2.99 ea. | Min. order is only 100 pcs.

Benefits of the PrevaGuard Additive:

  • Includes various elements, such as Zinc, which is known to have many health-benefiting properties that have been known to help strengthen immunities.

  • Enhances product freshness, fights undesired odors, staining, and product degradation.

  • Should last the life of the plastic, unless the plastic is destroyed.

Add the PrevaGuard Antimicrobial logo to your artwork at no additional charge.

Please be sure to ask is to "Print the PrevaGuard Antimicrobial logo" on your order at no additional charge. (PrevaGuard Antimicrobial imprint defaults to the lower-left-hand corner.)

USE PROMO CODE 875 for these special prices.
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