The following information should be used when submitting artwork to IMS Branded Solutions. If your file does not meet these guidelines, we can fix it for you, we charge an hourly fee for graphic design.

Need an original design created from scratch? We would love to help! Our art department is fast, reliable, and capable of producing great original designs. Please feel free to call, or drop by the shop, and tell us what you want.


Emailing Artwork

If you e-mail your files to us, ZIP or STUFF them first, and make sure they are 4 MB or less. For larger files, you can bring them in on a CD, portable USB device, or you can upload them via a dropbox site.

More info:

Vector Files

At IMS Branded Solutions, we use vector files to create nearly all of our artwork. These files are made up of lines (vectors), not pixels. They can be scaled up or down without losing image quality. These files usually end with AI, EPS, or PDF. For these kinds of files, we only support Adobe Illustrator (version CS5 and below). Some images (photos, for example) cannot be created in Illustrator. These are known as raster files. Vector files are needed for Screen Printing and Promotional Product Imprints and can be used on all item we print at IMS.

Raster Files

An image comprised of pixels is known as a RASTER image. It is made up of tiny squares (pixels). The quality is determined by the number of pixels (or dots) per inch (DPI). Unlike vector art, raster images LOSE quality when you make them bigger. For these kinds of documents, we only accept Adobe Photoshop files (version CS5 and below). These files usually end with PSD, TIF, or PDF. Raster files can be used for DTG full color printing and for digitizing of embroidery designs.

Artwork Size

Please provide files at 100% of printed size. For acceptable sizes, see Standard Imprint Areas below. If you’re submitting Photoshop files, create them at 300 DPI. DO NOT send us a JPEG, .BMP, GIF, or any other file from the web. These low-quality files are not suitable for printing and will produce low quality results.

Typical Sizes For Screen Printing and DTG Printing

Full Front or Back (adult): 12” wide x 12” high (Max. imprint size 13” wide x 15” high).

Full Front or Back (youth): 9” wide x 9” high.

Left Chest: 4” square (3.5” square if above pocket).

Center Chest: 6” – 8” wide.

Adult Long Sleeve: 3.5” wide x 16” high.

Short Sleeve: 3.5″ wide x 3.5″ high.

*Sizes are not absolute but should be used as a general reference. The smallest shirt in your order will dictate the maximum size of your artwork.

What Kind of Art Do I Need to Send for Which Jobs?

Screen Printing: Preferably Vector Art

DTG Printing: Full Color or Spot Color, Vector or Raster Art, Photographs, hand drawn designs, etc.

Promotional Products: Vector Spot Color Art, some products do allow full color process. Inquire for more details.

Embroidery: Tape files are accepted in .exp or .dst. formats. If you require digitizing you can submit any art file, even ,jpegs.

Banners, Labels, Stationery Printing: Vector Art and high resolutions.

Where Do I Send My Artwork?

Simply reply and attach it to your order confirmation e-mail and we’ll take it from there. You can also send it to or e-mail directly to your Customer Care Specialist.

Use of Trademarks

If we use artwork you have supplied to imprint your product, you are warranting that you have unrestricted right and authority to use and distribute that artwork.