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Why You Need an Online Company Store


You’ve heard about the concept of online stores, but don’t know where to turn for development of an online company store for your Logo Apparel and Promotional Products. Your marketing and sales teams  have all been independently ordering based on their promotional needs, and that’s worked out just fine, right? Well, except that one time an account manager used an old logo for his last order of mugs, in the wrong color. Come to think of it, you don’t really have a good way of tracking who is ordering what and how often. For these reasons (and many more), let us talk you through the 4 most valuable reasons to think about starting an online store:

Brand Management: Your organization has spent countless hours developing brand guidelines for many reasons. In its simplest form, you want to deliver a consistent brand experience to your target audience. An online company store ensures your branding will be consistent across a wide range of promotional products. With 24/7 access, your team can efficiently order brand compliant products for their events. This is the marketing and creative team’s dream — a centralized location with pre-approved promotions that effectively deliver your brand’s message.

Reporting: Any online store should provide you with everything you would ever want to know about the purchases made and information about the buyers. Expect information on inventory performance (products with highest turns and slow movers), fill rates, and order statistics (average order sizes, etc). Online store reporting helps determine which branded products should stay, which should be discontinued, and can help you determine what approach to take for reorder timing, communications, and budgeting.

Marketing: You should include a marketing element to help drive awareness and usage of the program. Email communication to help promote new products in the store, seasonal updates, and special promotions. Products and content should be updated seasonally to keep it fresh for users. Marketing internally within your own company is important for program success.

Marketing:  You’d like to offer company logo’d apparel to your employees, but don’t have time or the room to manage an inventory closet. Employees can get online 24/7 on their computers or their smart phones and look through a selection of apparel pre-approved by you. You can also give employees gift certificates to the store for work anniversaries, birthdays or recognition and merit. Perhaps you want to offer a specific item or a selection of items for holiday gifts., company anniversary celebrations, etc.

Ease of Ordering: An online store done right will allow your teams to place orders from the road or at their computer with the click of a few buttons. An ideal solution will be mobile friendly site with a clean look and incorporate online retail best practices. Now ordering trade show giveaways for next week’s event is quick and easy!

If you’d like more information on Company Stores and how they could work for your organization, please email IMS Branded Solutions and ask for a Company Store Packet.

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Now that’s sweet!

Custom mints are an incredibly cost-effective way to build your brand and your business.  Here are creative ways businesses are using them:

#1 Strengthen Customer Loyalty Maintaining your existing customers is critical to every business. It is vital to do little things to remind your customers that they are important to you. Custom mints are one of those “little” things that can make a BIG impact. Are you offering them to customers every time they visit your business? According to proprietary research, 69% of consumers offered a custom mint thought more highly of the business and felt more valued.

#2 Market Your Business It’s expensive to make sales calls to attract new business. Why not have your sales call leave a lasting impression? How about putting mints on the table at the start of every sales call?

“Every Viva La Brand meeting starts with branded mints on the table. They leave a lasting brand impression and our clients really like them and look forward to them”

Laura Sheridan, President, Viva La Brand

#3 Generate New Customer Leads Many businesses generate leads using direct mail. Studies show that when promotional products are used as part of a direct mail package, response rates increase between 12% and 130%. Toss in a handful of custom mints in with your direct mail pieces. You’ll increase the chances your direct mail piece will be opened.

#4 Introduce Something New Need a fresh way to introduce a new product, service, website or app? Custom mints are an extremely effective and efficient marketing tool.  70% of consumers said they would notice if a mint is custom wrapped with a specific message.

#5 Employee Recognition and Celebrations Retaining a loyal work force is critical to the long-term success of any business.  Employees appreciate being recognized for giving that extra effort.  Instead of just giving another branded mug, why not fill a beautiful glass bowl with custom mints?  They’re also great to include in gift bags at company events such as golf outings, picnics and other celebrations.

#6 Improve Trade Show ROI Trade shows are a big investment. Custom mints are a low-cost treat that can be sprinkled all around your booth. Print your logo on one side and a marketing message on the other, and you’ve created a lasting impression to reinforce your trade show messages



Turn your mints into a high powered marketing vehicle by adding a QR code.

Butter Mints – Chocolate Mint Creams – Chocolate Pastel Mints – Fruit Balls – Fruit Buttons – Jelly Mints – Cinnamon – Peppermint – Spearmint and more. Contact a sales representative at IMS Branded Solutions today for more great ideas on using mints a virtual example with your logo, and a SETUP Special through June 30, 2017.


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IMS Branded Solutions always brings you the best solutions for your marketing and promotions, this is a great way to buy savings on setups and packaged kits!

The Ultimate New Employee 12 Piece Survival Gift Set Is Packed With Supplies A New Employee Could Use To Get Right To Work. Includes A Mini Stapler With Staples, Mini Sticky Notes, Highlighter, Cell Phone Stand, Letter Opener, Square Yard Measuring Tape Keychain, Mint-A-Biner Mints In Carabiner Case, Shorty Golf Pencil, Stylus Pen And Jellybean Earbuds – All Packaged In A 32 Oz Tritan™ Wide Mouth Water Bottle – From $19.99 – $15.99 See more at:

The Essential P5 Gift Set Includes a Newport Cooler Bag; Tira Plastic Double Wall Tumbler Chester Journal With Stylus Pen; Pocket Pal Aluminum Tool; And a Rocket Flashlight. From $15.99 – See more at:

The Hot-N-Cold Gift Set includes One Each Of The Travel Tumbler And Travel Mug Packaged In A Beautiful Sturdy Silver Open Window Gift Box Pick The Color Combination Of Your Choice; Choose The Same Color For Both The Tumbler And Mug Or Select Two Different Colors To Make It Truly Your Own! -From $7.99 – $10.99. See more at:

The Health Care Helper Gift Set Includes a 22 oz. Tumbler with Handle, Tissue Packet, Lip Balm, Lido Neck Pen, Brush and Mirror Compact and a .5 oz Hand Sanitizer. From $13.74 to $10.39. – See more at:

Soup and Salad Lunch Kits Includes a Bolt Cooler Bag, 24 oz. Food Container Mug, Silicone Collapsible Lunch Set and a 24 oz. Poly-Clear Fitness bottle. From $24.98 to $18.89. – See more at:

Hit The Gym Kit Includes a 28 oz. Tritan Easy-Clean Water bottle, Hand Sanitizer Spray Pump, Retractable Earbuds, Reuseable Hot and Cold Pack, and a Utility Lanyard with Attachments from your Keys and Gym Pass. From $14.40 – $10.89. – See more at:

The Perfect 10 Gift Set Includes a Newport Cooler Bag;  Essential U-Turn Air Mesh Sport Pack; Americana Party Tumbler; Tira Plastic Double Wall Tumbler; Curvy Top Notebook With  Pen; Chester Journal Book With Stylus Pen; Curvaceous Metallic Stylus With Highlighter; Pocket Pal Aluminum Tool; Neptune Stuff-It; And Rocket Flashlight. From $24.99. – See more at:

The Tech Essentials Gift Set Includes a 34 oz. Tumbler with handle, earbuds and cord organizer with keychain, AC Adaptor, Phone Wallet, 3 in 1 Charging Buddy, Portable Charger, 4 port USB hub, and a Stylus Pen. From $28.19 to $37.28. – See more at:

The Golf Towel and Tumbler Kit Includes a 24 oz. Biggie Tumbler with Lid; Malibu Sunglasses, a Towel and a Lip Balm and Sunstick combo. From $10.99 to $14.53. See more at:

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From eating better to achieving fitness goals, improved health is certainly a positive change in the world.

Current healthy trends include: juicing, wearable fitness technology, indoor fitness activities from cycling to cross fit and active wear being worn as every day wear. Healthcare brands are collaborating with well-known high end designers such as Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Kate Spade and more, making health and wellness a luxury market as well.

Wellness in the work place has also been on the rise. The US spends more than double the worldwide average on public health, making health and wellness a great investment for companies and their employees.

With the new Zen collection, you can utilize Essential Oil therapy by using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

Aromatherapy or Essential Oils engage our sense of smell to directly affect our mood. It can also have an immediate physical impact, such as improved breathing. Our environment has a profound effect on our state of mind, at any particular time, and aromatherapy is a tool we can use to positively impact our mood and create a much happier state of being.

Through our New Zen collection we offer 8 brand new products in a variety of signature oils and blends:

  • 15 ml Essential Oil Dropper Bottle
  • Candle
  • Roller Ball
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Bombs
  • Soaps
  • Reed and Electric Diffusers

Here, at IMS Branded Solutions, we believe in helping the overall wellness of your employees through the continuation of health committees and employee involvement. We pride ourselves on active lifestyles and overall well being and hope you enjoy getting to know the Zen line as much as we have! For more information on including Essential Oils in your workplace and a FREE SAMPLE of the Zen Essential Oils room spray contact your IMS representative today.

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Use Color
Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when designing your custom company apparel is color. Numerous companies may choose black or white, but a pop of color can go a long way. If your logo has several colors in it, consider making your shirts one of those colors. A pop of color may just convince your customers to take a second look and checkout your business as they walk around.

Custom Embroidery
Screen printing is a great choice for custom company shirts that you plan to provide to customers, but shirts with custom embroidered logos are the best choice for your team at a trade show event. These shirts can not only add a level of professionalism but add unity to your team.

Dress for Success
No matter what you’re selling at your trade show booth, your team should be wearing something a little bit more professional. To project professionalism and unity, custom company polo shirts or button downs are a great idea. Want to give a real team look to your team, for day two outfit them in 1/4 zip pullovers. Sometimes, all you need to instill a sense of team spirit is the perfect uniform. Using a color from your logo and embroidering your company’s name on the left chest of the polo not only makes you look professional, it makes your name visible to potential customers at trade show events. Add a slogan or tagline to the back shoulder or sleeve to add a pop of interest.

Add a Slogan
If your company has a slogan or a tagline, you should put it on every custom company shirt at your trade show booth. Your custom apparel should be eye-catching, representative of your company, and easy to remember. A tagline or slogan will help customers to better remember your brand, as well as potentially contribute to their decision to utilize your goods or services.

Moisture wicking fabric is a great idea for tradeshow apparel, fabric fibers wick away moisture to keep you comfortable throughout the day and evening. The combination items above allow your team to look cohesive with different apparel looks.

Trade show events are opportunities you simply can’t pass up, which means your custom company shirts need to project your values and style like no other. IMS Branded Solutions can help you create the right look for your team.

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With March making its debut soon, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. At IMS we get extra excited about St. Patrick’s Day and like to provide some insight as to how you can leverage St. Patrick’s Day-inspired promotional products to take advantage of a little luck o’ the Irish. Don’t get pinched for failing to wear green.



The most important element of a St. Paddy’s Day wardrobe is the green apparel. Thankfully, with a comfortable shirt, like the Gildan Long Sleeve Tee or the Gildan DryBlend T-Shirt you can celebrate the holiday in style.





Add a little fun to your clients’ St. Paddy’s Day looks with spirited hats, like this Irish Shamrock Foam Hat




Gift Sets


Treat your customer or team members to festive gift sets sure to get them ready to celebrate. With this Bailey’s and Irish Coffee Set they’ll be able to indulge in a classic Irish drink.





Remind everyone of the fun that lies ahead of them with green and gold coasters, mugs, travel mugs and green drinkware, like this acrylic tumbler and straw.




Who doesn’t love an adorable plush toy, like this 5″ Shamrock Bear also available in 7″ sizes. Or maybe a Bear with a green t-shirt with your logo or message.





Chocolate is always the right choice, and everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness for their tasty treats, like the Chocolate Shamrock On a Stick.




Perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party or just a festive day in the office, a green necklace can go a long way. These Light-Up Shamrock Medallions are the ideal way for you to show their spirit.









CONTACT IMS for more Information and Promotion Ideas.

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Organizations of all sizes want to show appreciation and foster loyalty by recognizing your employees’ valuable contributions.

If you’re looking for new ideas and quality products to make your recognition programs shine as brightly as your employees IMS Branded Solutions can help you find products that are high quality, unique, and our top 10 products for employee recognition, are all rated “A” and “A+”, to give you a great head start!

#1 Employees will appreciate receiving this travel bag just in time for holiday trips. The large mouth opening makes it easy to pack while the full-grain buffalo hide adds impeccable style.

#2 Laser-engraved glass coasters and a wooden holder make a gift that will last, giving employees an easy way to enjoy and share their special recognition.

#3 A quality fountain pen remains a classic gift for a reason. This elegant pen will make employees feel like VIPs, and the styled rubber grip makes it comfortable enough for everyday use.

#4 Gourmet food is a guaranteed hit, and this combination vinegar and olive oil set is a tasteful gift. Deep-etched bottles and a laser engraved box customize the presentation.

#5 This unique acrylic award features a dramatic blue reflective base which illuminates the color throughout the circular shape.

#6 These slim, lightweight, wireless headphones are on trend with integrated volume and track control and a built-in microphone. They’re sure to make an impression, particularly with a younger or more tech-oriented demographic.

#7 This versatile 3-Tiered Salt Box has three different compartments in one, and laser engraving adds personalization. Employees will enjoy using this high-quality item for everything from salt and spices to desk accessories to jewelry.

#8 Combine the look of an award with the functionality of drinkware. This 11 ½ ounce, non-leaded crystal tumbler shows off an artistic, twisted shape, making recipients proud leave this tumbler on display.

#9 Everyone loves a great bag, and we love the unisex style of this fashionable crossbody messenger. Employees sporting this sleek, modern accessory will be recognized for more than just their accomplishments!

#10 This commemorative clock features a chrome bezel and frosted glass finish, and its attractive design fits in with any décor.

travel-bag coasters-1 fountain-pen-1 vinegar-and-oil award wireless-headphones-1 salt-box tumbler-1 messenger-bag-1 clock

A survey by World At Work found that a full 86 percent of organizations have recognition programs and 70 percent manage between three and six programs.